Intermediate Vocal Course LDN

Our Intermediate Vocal Course has been designed to give singers a comprehensive range of technical vocal skills and the theoretical knowledge needed for building a successful career as a singer or just to further their own personal musical development. Each level of the course will take place over a full day between 9.30 am and 4.30 pm and there will be 4 weeks between each level giving students time to practice, study and consolidate what they have learned. Students will need to bring with them some means by which to take notes such as a notebook and pen, a tablet device, or a laptop. This course would suit singers with at least a little group singing experience and some live singing experience such as an open mic session, it would also suit anyone who has attended our Beginners Vocal Workshops 1 + 2.

See below for a brief description of the entire course.

Intermediate Vocals Day 1

warm up exercises
improvisation: call and response
tone and style: head voice, chest voice, break
backing vocals: intervals
good singing posture
intervals, scales, triads
time signatures, note length, counting in

Intermediate Vocals Day 2

improvisation: on blues
tone and style: mixed voice, using the break, twang
backing vocals: triads, chords
power posing exersize
scales, modes, root, subdominant and dominant
reading simple rhythms
understanding the accompaniment

Intermediate Vocals Day 3

improvisation: on rhythm changes
tone and style: mixed voice, belting, over breath, different types of vibrato
backing vocals: triads, chords and matching the tone
posture as part of an act
modes and seventh chords
syncopated rhythms
understanding the arrangement and performance.

Your tutor on the course will be the fantastic Indra Barret (AKA Red Indra).

We encourage prospective students to book the intermediate course in its entirety, but if you feel you prefer to try out intermediate level 1 before committing to the entire course you you can book Intermediate 1 on its own.







NON ATTENDENCE – If for some reason a student is unable to attend any given day they will have the opportunity to attend the same ‘level’ day on another date as we will be running this course concurrently on other weekends and in other venues. we just ask that students give us as much advanced warning of non-attendence as possible

REFUNDS –  We do not offer full refunds except under exceptional circumstances.

CONCESSIONS are available and applications for a concession will be assessed on an individual basis.

we are really sorry! but this course is not available at the moment

We are in the process of looking at suitable venues and organising tutors, so please don’t leave straight away! because if you want to get in contact with us and let us know what course or workshop you are interested in attending and where you are based, we can start to look into setting up a course in your area.  And if that sounds good carry on reading because in addition to that we offer a 7% reduction on your course fees for every additional course participant that you introduce to us!

We look forward to hearing from you