Intermediate Guitar Course Day 1 LDN

This booking is for day one of the intermediate guitar course.

The intermediate guitar course is a fantastic opportunity for guitarists who have been playing for a while and who are looking to improve upon their existing skills and to start to build a strong technical and theoretical foundation for their future guitar playing. The knowledge and skills you will develop on this course will be applicable to almost any style of guitar playing on both the electric guitar and steel-strung acoustic. The course is divided into three levels, each level will take place over the course of a day with 4 weeks between each level giving students plenty of practice time to lock down the techniques and study the concepts presented. The following is a brief description of day one’s course content.

On the intermediate day 1 you will be covering –

Foundation picking techniques, major and minor triads and their construction, the major scale and the chord scale relationship, core rhythmic concepts, an introduction to improvisation and more!


If you decide to take the remaining parts of the intermediate guitar course –

On the intermediate day 2 you will be covering –

major, minor, major 7th, minor 7th and dominant 7th chords, further study of the major scales and the chord scale relationship, basic modal concepts, further development of your picking technique, improvising using scales and some modes, time signatures and more.

On the intermediate level 3 day you will be –

extending your chord knowledge to include suspended chords, 9th chords, diminished and augmented chords. Learning about chord substitutions, the 7 modes and how to apply them, developing your knowledge and understanding of minor and major scales, further development of your improvising skills and advanced rhythmic concepts, advanced performance techniques and skills.

Your tutor on the Intermediate Guitar Course will be Dale Harris




NON ATTENDENCE – If for some reason a student is unable to attend any given day they will have the opportunity to attend the same ‘level’ day on another date as we will be running this course concurrently on other weekends and in other venues. we just ask that students give us as much advanced warning of non attendence as possible

CONCESSIONS are available and applications for a concession will be assessed on an individual basis.

we are really sorry! but this course is not available at the moment

We are in the process of looking at suitable venues and organising tutors, so please don’t leave straight away! because if you want to get in contact with us and let us know what course or workshop you are interested in attending and where you are based, we can start to look into setting up a course in your area.  And if that sounds good carry on reading because in addition to that we offer a 7% reduction on your course fees for every additional course participant that you introduce to us!

We look forward to hearing from you