Counterpoint Music School was founded by musicians for musicians to provide high quality music tuition for anyone who has the time and commitment to learn but who might not have the financial resources to attend a music college or university. The format and scheduling of our courses and classes has been designed to give students the maximum opportunity for learning whilst simultaneously providing a flexible attendance structure which allows students to fit study in around their work/life routines.

Q & A

The following Q & A will help to outline the core principles and aims of the school.

Anyone who has the desire to learn but who may not have the time or money to attend a university or other provider. 

Our live classes and workshops are for adults only at present but our online courses are open to all age groups.

Most of our classes and workshops are focused on contemporary music forms from jazz through to pop, rock and electronica, we also run courses that are suited to classical musicians who want to improve their technique and understanding of their instrument. Throughout the school emphasis is placed upon giving students the foundational knowledge that can be applied to any style of music.

You can expect to be part of a focused but fun learning event where the emphasis is on development of good technique, performance skills, improvisational ability and foundational music theory.

We host our live classes and workshops in centrally located venues that have often been designed for small to medium sized musical events and are acoustically suited to the hosting of music classes.

The group learning environment provides many advantages for students, some of these are:

  • In a group setting you benefit from the variety of perspectives of the other participants in the group, many of these other viewpoints will be different from your own and will serve to enhance your understanding of your instrument.
  • The group setting provides opportunities for musical interaction with other students and the tutor.
  • For many a group setting is more fun than one to one learning and for most of us reflects more closely one of the central reasons for learning an instrument…..that is to engage in a shared creative process that is at the same time a personal expression and a collective social expression.
  • The group learning environment also provides participants with the opportunity to develop performance experience in a supportive setting.
  • Value for money.

We offer very high quality instrumental tuition, vocal tuition and music education at a fraction of the cost of other providers, we have also structured the school to allow maximum flexibility of attendance for students and this coupled with the most economically viable tuition rates available are what set us apart from the majority of the other options available today. 

Music is one of our most important art forms. Music has the power to transport our imagination, to convey emotions, to transmit ideas and concepts, to move our bodies and to unite us. Music is one of our oldest ‘leisure time’ activities and is probably intimately connected with the development of language in humans. Research has shown that music stimulates the brain in ways that enhance and improve our general ability to learn. And yet despite all of these and many more compelling reasons for music’s importance to us musical education is still undervalued in our society. At Counterpoint we want to be part of a change that will allow access for more adult learners to quality music tuition and education.