Counterpoint Music School offers high quality contemporary music tuition at a fraction of the cost of universities and other providers with a range of online courses and live classes including guitar tuition, spanish and classical guitar, vocal tuition, bass tuition, drum tuition, music production courses, theory courses and more. 


A new approach to contemporary music tuition

At Counterpoint we take a new approach to music education, our approach is to give students access to fundamental musical knowledge from a much earlier point in the the learning process than traditional teaching methods. To find out more about this topic please visit the About page.

Learn from the best teachers and musicians

All of our tutors are experienced teachers who have a passion for sharing their knowledge and skills, they are all either professional performers, composers, songwriters or session players who bring to their teaching work the experience and insight that comes from being active, working musicians.

For beginners through to professionals

We have classes, workshops and online courses for students of all levels of ability from beginners through to intermediate level players and more experienced musicians.

Study in a time frame that suits you

Our live classes take place outside of normal working hours and are structured so as to allow flexibility of attendance making quality musical education available to anyone who wants to study no matter what their work life schedule.

Classes and Workshops

Guitar Courses

Vocal Courses

Beginners Guitar Course

Bass Guitar Courses

Percussion Courses

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Due to the lockdown and the continuing need to guard against the contraction and spread of Coronavirus we are unable to run any of our live classes or workshops. At the appropriate time we will look at the option to begin running live classes again.

Online Courses

Guitar Courses

we are really sorry! but this course is not available at the moment

We are in the process of looking at suitable venues and organising tutors, so please don’t leave straight away! because if you want to get in contact with us and let us know what course or workshop you are interested in attending and where you are based, we can start to look into setting up a course in your area.  And if that sounds good carry on reading because in addition to that we offer a 7% reduction on your course fees for every additional course participant that you introduce to us!

We look forward to hearing from you